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Art By Marla Jo 

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Custom Art
Here are a few examples of a great idea for your wedding or special event.  

Why have a guest book that collects dust sitting on a shelf when you can have a beautiful, custom made painting that will delight your guests and decorate your home forever?   

Each painting can be customized with either the names of the bride and groom, mother-to-be, graduate, name of agency, or special birthday someone, etc. and each reflects the uniqueness of your special day.   Paintings are done in acrylic on a 16" x 20" stretched canvas. Prices may vary depending on the amount of detail in the artwork.  Average price is $250. Larger paintings are available upon request.   Frames and shipping not included. 
Are you getting married on the beach?  

In this painting, your names are carved in the sand for eternity.  Your guests contribute to the painting by stamping footprints in the sand and then signing their names over the prints.  Footprint stamp/pad not included but can be purchased at most hobby stores. 
The Family Tree. 

​These barren trees comes to life when your names are carved in the trunk and your guests add the leaves.  

Guests stamp their fingerprint on an ink pad (sold separately) and apply it to the trees.  Next to the fingerprint they sign their name.  Your trees springs to life and you have a beautiful, visual memory to enjoy for years. 

Spring or fall, your special day is reflected in the colors you choose. 
Paintings can be created for most special occasions.   

  • Present your grandparents with a "Family Tree" to commemorate the legacy they began years ago.  
  • Your graduate will have a lasting record of all who attended their special event when his/her college cap is hung in the tree and signed by all. Graduates stamp with cap, guests stamp with finger.
  • Mothers-to-be will cherish a visual record of all who attended her baby shower and left their mark.  Painting can be designed to be a welcome addition to the baby's room. 
  • Remember baby's first birthday when the guests light the candles with the touch of their fingers. 
  • To honor a 50th wedding anniversary, a family tree showing the branches is quite impressive. 
  • Celebrate the success of an organization by honoring all those who made it possible. 

The possibilities are endless.   ​